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Frequently Asked Questions

Customer Service Ordering Shipping

Is there any other help available online?


If you are a first-time user, click here for our step-by-step tutorial.

Also, we have placed contextual help throughout our site to help you with common questions.

You may have noticed the following image while visiting our site:

By clicking on this question mark a "Tips!" window will appear with timely help regarding a particular function on our site.

If you need additional assistance with your online order, please call 1-1-812-981-4949.

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What do I do if I forget my password?

If you forget your password, you may request a new one using our automated password assistant.

Just click here, submit your registered e-mail address, and we will e-mail you a random, generated password and send that new password to your registered e-mail address.

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How do I contact customer service?

You may contact us at any time by using our online customer service form. Use the "Contact Us" link that appears on every page.

If you need additional assistance with your online order, please call 1-1-812-981-4949.

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What is the difference between flat and standard business cards?

Flat printed business cards are produced using a very high-quality printing process, which produces crisp, clear results. The ink is absorbed into the card stock creating a smooth finish that is flat to the touch. There is no texture or height to the ink.

Standard printing, also known as "thermography" or "raised" printing, is a process in which a powder resin is dusted over the wet ink and then melted, causing a raised print surface. Thermography produces a raised appearance throughout the printed piece.

Both cards are produced using an offset printing process.

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Will I receive unwanted emails?

You may request, at any time, that you do not want to receive promotional email.

Occasionally we like to send out emails to our customers with updates and/or promotions. However, we understand that such email can be bothersome to some customers so we let you decide whether or not you receive email contact from us.

If you wish to be removed from our notification list, follow these steps:

1. Go to your Account Maintenance screen.
2. Under the "Update Your Email Preferences" section, uncheck the "Please send me notices of special offers and promotions via email" checkbox.
3. Click "Update Email Preferences" to apply the change.

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Customized Product Disclaimer

You are ordering a customized product.

As a customer of our site, it is important for you to remember that you are ordering a customized product. This means that the images and type you place on your product will be printed exactly as you specify them. Therefore, it is important that you double check these elements for accuracy before submitting an order.

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Can I try your site out without being obligated to buy?

Absolutely! In fact we invite you to try our site out. There is no obligation on your part until you actually submit your order.

If you are not sure that you can find what you looking for, trying making some test products with our site. There is no obligation on your part. If you like what you see and choose to purchase something, just register with us and submit your order.

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Do products appear on screen with their actual size?

A product may not appear as its actual size on your screen for two reasons:

1. Some products are scaled up or down so that your layout preview will better fit your screen. For example, certain larger products, such as bumper stickers, are scaled down considerably so that you will not have to scroll to view your entire product. Certain smaller products, such as business cards, are scaled up slightly to make the small fonts on such products more readable.

2. The size of images on your screen is dependent upon your computer platform and your monitor resolution settings. Therefore, even for products that are not scaled up or down, the image may appear larger or smaller on your particular screen.

While products may not appear as their exact sizes on your screen, we do display all layouts proportional to their size so that you can get an accurate feel for what the product will look like. Also, the layout preview has the actual size (in inches) clearly indicated on the layout screen.

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What are the browser requirements for this site?

You should find that our site works well with most modern browsers that are capable of running the Adobe Flash plugin. Please note that some mobile devices such as the Apple iPhone and iPad will not currently render Flash applications. For your reference we have included a list of commercially supported browsers and versions that we recommend. Unless noted, support is guaranteed for both Mac and Windows platforms:
Google Chrome - Current Version Mozilla Firefox - Current Version
Apple Safari - Current Version
Microsoft Internet Explorer -
Versions 7 through current
Opera - Current Version

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Can I make a change to a submitted order?

Submitted orders go immediately into production. For this reason we cannot accept changes or cancellations. When placing an order you are given the opportunity to review or modify your design anytime up until the credit card information is submitted.

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Is this site secure?

In designing our system we made the protection of your information a top priority.

We have incorporated the latest technologies in data protection to assure that you have a worry-free experience.

* Secure Sockets Layer (SSL): By using SSL we are making use of the highest level of protection available on the internet.

* Encryption: By using Secure Sockets Layer we are also implementing a system of encryption to protect your information.

* Credit Card Verification: We use a proven ecommerce software solution to verify that the credit card information for every order is correct and valid. This allows us to check for cards that have been reported as stolen.

* Credit Card Account Numbers: We do not store your credit card account numbers in any of our systems.

* Confirmation E-Mail: A confirmation e-mail will be sent to you each time an order is placed with your account. This will help to alert you to any suspicious activity with your account.

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Do you have any type of guarantee?


If, at any time, you are not satisfied with the quality of your custom printed product, notify us via our online form and we will redo your order free of charge.

If you are not satisfied with the design and layout of your custom printed product or your paper and ink selections, we are not able to redo these orders free of charge. Please make sure to check the design and layout of your product before you make your final purchase. For example, if you enter your phone number incorrectly, we will not be able to redo that particular product free of charge.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

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How long will it take for me to receive my order?

Orders usually ship within 5-10 business days.

Most products ship via FedEx Ground. FedEx Ground takes three to seven business days in transit, depending on your location.

If your order contains multiple items, the items may ship separately. Once we ship your order, you will be able to track the progress of each item via your order status page.

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How do I check the status of my order?

Information about an orders layout, order status, and a host of other information is available on the Reorders and Order Status page, which is available to all registered users.

To access this information simply follow these steps:

1. Click the link from the home page marked Reorders And Order Status.

2. Then, select the appropriate order or item from the list to view the information for that order.

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Can I ship my order internationally?

Yes, we currently ship to the United States, Canada, and the following U.S. territories:

Puerto Rico
Guam, U.S. Virgin Islands
American Somoa
Northern Mariana Islands

We can ship anywhere in the world. Please call 1-812-981-4949 with any questions.

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How will my order ship?

All orders ship Ground.

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